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Everyone has that bucket list where they keep things to be done. I have one too, there are a lot of places around Bangalore which will always be unseen. Here's my list of places which I would like to explore. Writing those places down your list is the easiest way to track them down. Hope I would be seeing them soon and write a blog about it.

Short treks
* Horagina Betta - 55 km
* Achalu betta - 62 km
* Kaurav Kunda - 65 km
* Kaivara Trek - 67 km
* Kyatsandra - 68 km
* Hutridurga - 76 km
* Kabbaladurga - 87 km
* Krishnagiri Fort - 89km
Gummanayaka Fort - 127 km

2 days Treks:
* Nishani Motte Trek - 304 km 
* Mullayangiri Trek - 367 km
* Kudremukh Trek - 333 km
* Agumbe Trek - 357 km 

Dream Treks:

* Roopkund Trek 
* Chadar Trek
* Valley of flowers

Bike cards and Car trips:

* Horsly Hills - 157 km
Yelagiri - 159 km
* Vani Vilas Dam - 181 km 
* Chitradurga Fort - 204 km
* Shettihalli Church - 205 km
Yercaud - 215 km
* Belum caves - 300 km
* Yana - 457 km
* Kodaikanal - 464 km
* Gokarna beach - 484 km

There are some dream trips which I need to do, Just adding them here
 * Leh&Ladak
 * Kanya Kumari
 * Goa - Done, need to write a post
 * Rann of Katch
 * Darjeeling
 * Bhutan
 * Andaman
 * Pune and surrounding places

Most inspiring places

Places near Pune

Comment down below if you know any interesting place around


  1. Keep it up, really liked your blog.

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    1. Hi bro. I'll be glad. I'll update events on my fb page. Keep in touch plz

  3. Nice blog man.
    I would like to join you for bike trips around Bangalore.
    Do let me know if it's ok for you.


    1. Thank you very much bro :)
      No plans for this summer. Like my fb page I'll keep you updated there it would be easy for me

  4. Nice blog...Highly informative. Keep informing

  5. Hi mate,

    Thanks for the posts really helpful

  6. Nice blobs.Thumbs up.You can add Huthridurga, Huliyurdurga, Kabbaladurga, Channarayanadurga and Bhairavdurga to this list :)

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  8. Hello

    I have just read your blog. Which was amazing I surely appreciate your work. I have some cool stuff if you want to travel with the locals. This thing will amaze you. If you want you can check Trocals.

    Otherwise, keep writing great stuff.

  9. I dont think this blog should be hidden. You should write more blogs around another niche also likehotstar deals. So then I should come read again and again.

  10. I really like it whenever people come together and share thoughts. Great post, keep it up.
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