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Originally from North Karnataka but I have been living in Bengaluru for more than 10 years now. I started visiting various places soon after graduation in 2012 and since then have traveled extensively across South India. Smitten by wanderlust and bitten by the travel - bug, I have explored numerous places and which I have well documented here on this blog.

I have covered most of the western ghat treks and I am always in search of new places to visit, new hills to conquer. I have been to more than 80 places near Bangalore and I am set to discover more in the near future. My dream route remains the Manali to Leh and the dream trek to Everest Base camp.

Thanks for showing interest in knowing me. If you are here to collaborate with me then you can read more about it on this link. If you are impressed with my work then you can say your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. I am fr sagar - happy to learn abt you. want to interact with you about touring...mobile no. would have been of great help. pl.


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