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Bali Complete Travel Guide

Hello, welcome to Sakre Cubes. This is your beloved Travel Blogger Sagar. I hope you are planning a trip to Bali and my video on Bali has got you to this blog page. As there are numerous aspects that I couldn't cover in the video, I have included all of those specifics in this blog article. My objective is to share my own experiences and motivate you to plan your travels more efficiently. Important Links: Book these on Klook 1.  Custom declaration form 2.  e-visa on arrival 3.  Sim card on Klook  (Go for 18GB data-only plan, it will delivered to your hotel not airport) 4.  Two wheeler rent in Bali 5.  Two wheeler rental in Nusa Penida 6.  Nusa Penida Fast Boat   7.  Nusa Penida Day tour  packages 8.  Mt. Batur Sunrise trek Stay Recommendations Here is a list of suggested accommodations in Bali. This list is curated based on personal experience, friend's experience and extensive research. Please browse through the hotel photos, reviews, and prices and choose the one that best fi