Best places to stay in Dandeli


Thanks for watching Dandeli video on our YouTube channel. Here is everything that you would need for a DIY trip to Dandeli.

Best place to stay in Dandeli

There are many resorts in Dandeli which offer incredible stays along with food and activities. I have curated this list based on my personal experience, from my friends who visited Dandeli and extensive research. If you have stayed in any resort and want to recommend it to fellow travellers then do tell it in the comment section. I will add it as well.

Do not book the resorts through online websites or booking agents in Dandeli, you won't get the best packages. It's better to call the resort directly and book. You will find the phone numbers easily on google.

1. Wildernest Resort, Dandeli

2. Dew Drops Jungle Resort, Dandeli

3. Bison river resort

4. River Edge, Dandeli

5. Tusker Trails, Dandeli

6. Jungle Bell River Retreat Resort, Dandeli

7. Starling River Resort, Dandeli

8. Old magazine house, Dandeli - Jungle lodges

9. Whistling woods, Dandeli

10. Dandeli tiger cottages, Dandeli

Activities in Dandeli

As I have already mentioned in the video all the activities along with the food will be part of your package. If you book it through you may not get the activities as part of your stay. So reach out to the resorts directly

For booking long rafting you can check with the resort staff or you can contact below number,

Rafting Booking Number: 9449599765

Expected budget for two day trip to Dandeli (from Bangalore)

ReasonCommentCostCost for two peopleCost for four people
Basic Cost
TransportationOvernight bus from BangaloreRs. 800 from Bangalore to DandeliRs. 3,200 two wayRs. 6,400 two way
ResortTent StayRs. 1,600 per personRs. 3,200Rs. 6,400
Private RoomRs. 2,000 per personRs. 4,000Rs. 8,000
Local TransportationTwo Wheeler RentalRs. 450 per day + petrolRs. 1,100 (2 days including fuel)Rs. 2,200 (2days including fuel)
CabRs. 2,500 per day Rs. 2,500 (1 day sight seeing)Rs. 2,500 (1 day sight seeing)
Expenses per person
Two wheeler + tent stay
Rs. 3,750 per personRs. 3,750 per person
Two wheeler + private room
Rs. 4,150 per personRs. 4,150 per person
Cab + tent stay
Rs. 4,450 per personRs. 3,8250 per person
Can + private room
Rs. 4,850 per personRs. 4,225 per person
Optional (Add-on)
RaftingShort RaftingRs. 600 per person

Long RaftingRs. 1400 per person

Jungle Safari
Rs. 450 per person

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  1. The article is about the best place to stay in dandeli. it's more useful, thank u for the information.

  2. Wonderful..... but this is sponsored ad.... all the home stays are been called as resorts. As i know the place personally. I would recommend you to go with booking sites without advertisement in
    Dandeli. Plz check fo ads written for advertisement site

    1. No sir, none of the stays here are sponsored. I wish they did sponsor, but no! I would tell you if it is sponsored

  3. It's very nice and informative vdo.
    You covered everything neatly. It's gives good idea to visit.

  4. Wow! Explained it very well. Nonvoice will be able to understand and visualize so quickly! Thank you!

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