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Best places to stay in Dandeli

Hi , Thanks for watching Dandeli video on our YouTube channel. Here is everything that you would need for a DIY trip to Dandeli. Best place to stay in Dandeli There are many resorts in Dandeli which offer incredible stays along with food and activities. I have curated this list based on my personal experience, from my friends who visited Dandeli and extensive research. If you have stayed in any resort and want to recommend it to fellow travellers then do tell it in the comment section. I will add it as well. Do not book the resorts through online websites or booking agents in Dandeli, you won't get the best packages. It's better to call the resort directly and book. You will find the phone numbers easily on google. 1. Wildernest Resort, Dandeli 2. Dew Drops Jungle Resort, Dandeli 3. Bison river resort 4. River Edge, Dandeli 5. Tusker Trails, Dandeli 6. Jungle Bell River Retreat Resort, Dandeli 7. Starling River Resort, Dandeli 8. Old magazine house, Dandeli - Jungle lodges 9. W