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Best places to stay in Mysore

Hi , Thanks for watching the Top 10 places to visit in Mysore video. As promised, here is everything that you need to plan a trip to Mysore. Bike Rentals There are many bike services in Mysore, we rented from ONN bikes, the scooters were decent and overall the experience was smooth from booking online to picking up at their garage. You can use the below link to get Rs. 100 credit on your booking. Onn Bikes Referral Link (Get Rs. 100) - Here is the curated list of stays in Mysore that are recommended. These are based on personal experience, friends' suggestions and extensive research. Hostels Hostels are the best place to stay if you are travelling solo and you are on a tight budget. You get to meet a lot of like-minded people. The hostels are loved by solo female travellers as it gives them a sense of security and comfort. You can get access to the lounge, common sitting area, playing area, and kitchen at affordable prices. These are best for long

Best places to stay in Ooty

  Hi, Here is the curated list of stays in Ooty that are recommended. These are derived based on experience and extensive research. Let me know if there's a place that you would like to add to this list Budget-friendly stays - 1k to 2k per day for 2 people Zostel Ooty goSTOPS Ooty Medium Budget Stays - 2k - 5k per day for 2 people Tulips Valley View Resorts Tulips Elkhill Resorts KSTDC Treebo Trend Light Two Seas Luxury / High Budget Stays - 5k - 10k+ per day for 2 people Sterling Ooty Elk Hill Beverly villa Western Valley Resorts Leopard Rock Wilderness Resort Fortune Resort Sullivan Court - Member ITC Hotel Group, Ooty Western Valley Resorts Treebo Trend Sky Dale Inn & Suites Boat House Accord Highland Hotel Ooty FabHotel Sholas Residency I