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Top 10 One Day Trekking Places near Bangalore

If you stay in Bangalore then you don't know how much lucky you are. Bangalore is blessed with hundreds of hillocks all around it. And the best part is most of them are accessible for a hike. I have visited all these hillocks around and have documented them on this blog. You can click on the link mentioned in the post to know more about the place. Here are my top picks of Best One Day trekking places near Bangalore in the order of my preference. Feel free to comment down on which is your favorite destination. 1. Savandurga Hill Savandurga Hill Distance from Bangalore:   50 km Trek Difficulty : Moderate Trek Time:  2 hours Standing as tall as 4000 ft Savandurga is one of the largest monoliths in Asia. Savandurga is formed by two hills known locally as Karigudda (black hill) and Biligudda (white hill). Savandi Veerabhadreshwara Swamy temple and Narasimha Swamy temple, situated at the foot of the hills. Click here to read more about Savanadurga Hills post 2. Madhugiri Fort Madhugiri F

Ditch Skandagiri! Kaurav Kunda is the next hot spot for night trek around Bangalore

Place: Kaurav Kunda, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka Distance:  68 km one way Type: Trekking Ideal for: Friends Permission Needed: No Best time to visit: Throughout the year, night trek preferred. When it comes to night treks around Bangalore, Skandagiri holds the top position. Skandagiri is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hills around Bangalore. But in recent time it has been very difficult to get permission for trekking there. Even if you do somehow get permission, the trek starts only after 4am and you can't even camp at the top. Best of the beast: Colorful skies and cool wind at Kaurav Kunda peak While planning my next trek a few weeks back, I was browsing through Google Maps, hoping to stumble upon a hidden gem that I could explore by night. That's when I noticed a big hillock next to Skandagiri which I wasn't aware of. Upon more research, I found that the hill is named Kaurav Kunda and it is ideal for night trekking! I badly wanted to camp on this hillock for the n