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Goa Day 3 - Spending a day in South Goa

This is the day - 3 of my visit to Goa where we explored one of the pristine beaches of South Goa and savored authentic Goan cuisine. If you haven't read previous day post then do check it out as well. Best of the Beach: White sand and beautiful surroundings makes up for a perfect photo Woke up at 9.30 in the morning and the only motivation to get up was the complimentary breakfast which closes by 10. After breakfast, we got ready and checked out at 11.30 am. We kept our luggage in the storeroom and decided to visit Betalbatim beach which is just half km from our stay. All about last night One day I wish to backpack like this and explore the world Betalbatim Beach: If you just want to relax while in Goa, put up your feet in a sunbed, enjoy your continental and Konkani food, and drinks, then Betalbatim is the beach for you. Unlike most Goa beaches that are lined up with palm trees, this beach has numerous pine trees along the shoreline. Betalbatim is known f

Goa Day 2 - Dil Chahta Hai....

This is the day - 2 of my visit to Goa where we will be visiting Chapora fort and a couple of beautiful beaches. If you haven't read my Goa Day - 1 post then do check it out as well. Best of the Beast: One of the best vantage point at Chapora Fort After partying till 2 am yesterday, no one was ready to get up early in the morning. The only thing which motivated us to wake up was the complimentary breakfast which usually closes by 10 am. The breakfast was average, aloo paratha is not what we south Indians are used to have for the breakfast. The second-day stay was booked in South Goa, so we had to check out from the current hotel. We had few nearby places to be explored so after checkout, we kept the luggage in the storeroom and decided to visit Chapora fort and Vagator beach. The Dil Chahta Hai Fort: Chapora fort was just another fort until the epic scene of the Hindi movie Dil Chahta Hai was shot here back in 2001. It's surprising to see how deeply indeed Bo

Goa Day 1 - Water sports and party at the beach

Place:  Goa. Distance:  600 km from Bangalore Type:  Beach Ideal for:  Friends Best time to Visit:   August to January Budget:  Rs: 13,500 per head Finally, it's "Goawaaaaa!!!" Everyone has a group which keeps planning trip to Goa and which keeps canceling. Well, our group wasn't an exception too until we finally made it to Goa on year's hottest time - December. Best of the beast: Parasailing in Calangute Beach After a lot of planning everyone in the group finally agreed upon a common travel date. To reduce the dropouts we booked the hotels and flight two months in advance. The Goa trip was going to be expensive so I gave up my other trek plans to compensate for the expenditure. Planning Phase: Booking flights was a difficult task as prices were fluctuating but we managed to book the flight to Goa leaving on Friday morning at 6 and the returning flight on Sunday at 10 pm. The stays are usually expensive in Goa, especially at this tim