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Coastal Karnataka Day 4 - Trek to Yana Caves

Place: Yana Caves and Rocks, YanaDistance: 444 km from Bangalore
Type: Trek
Trek Distance: 3 km
Ideal for: Family and Friends
Best time to visit: Post Monsoon

Our Coastal Karnataka trip was going on a lazy mode. We were hardly covering one or two places per day but we were not compromising on food and sleep :D Well, most of my trips used to be on a tight schedule, more concerned about seeing the places but this time we were just chilling out.

The New Year Eve celebration was amazing yesterday night. We went to sleep only after 3 am so we woke up late in the morning at 11 am. Today's agenda was just to visit Yana and go back to Bangalore.

After searching for a while we found a decent restaurant at Kumta for breakfast. Yana is 28 km from Kumta, but because it passes through Ghat section it took close to an hour to reach Yana. On the way, we stopped at Agnashini River bridge which looked astonishing. The 5-minute break turned into 30 minutes photo session as everyone wanted a perfect profil…

Coastal Karnataka Day 3 - Celebrating New Year at Om Beach, Gokarna.

Place: Murudeshwar and Om Beach, Gokarna Distance: 485 km from Bangalore Type: Temple, Beach Ideal for: Family and Friends Best time to visit: October to February
This is the third day of my journey to Coastal Karnataka, after having a great time at St. Mary's island we moved on to explore Murudeshwar and Gokarna.

Today's agenda was to visit only the beaches in Gokarna, the afternoon isn't a good time to visit the beaches so we started our day late. We got up at 10 am and got ready in an hour. Murudeshwar would be on the way and one of the group members insisted we visit it. Even though most of us had already seen it we decided to give a shortstop at Murudeshwar. We reached Murudeshwar at 12 pm. We had sumptuous south Indian thali at Indraprastha restaurant.
Lord Shiva Temple, Murudeshwara: The sun was high in the sky and the weather was not pleasant. We walked to the temple to have Darshana of Shiva Linga. It was my third visit to this place so I wasn't much interested to ex…