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Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu) - The tiniest waterfall around Bangalore

Place: Pearl Valley  (Muthyala Maduvu)  Waterfalls and Dam Distance :  90 km round trip Type : Waterfalls, forest Ideal for: Friends and Family Permission Needed: No The first time I had been to pearl valley was back in 2016 when I got my brand new Bajaj Avenger, it was the first-ever ride on that bike. Its 2019 now three years passed by still my madness to visit places hasn't reduced. Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu)  is one of the lesser-known places around Bangalore which is both hyped and underestimated at the same time. As I was already there before I knew what to expect as most of the visitors get disappointed after seeing Google images vs real images. But the motto of my visit wasn't the destination but the journey in itself. I was overwhelmed to see how much the place was improved. Read on to know more about it. Best of the Beast It all started with my zeal to learn car driving. I do love bike rides, crazy rides in the wind and rain but there have been

Ramadevara Betta Tumkur - The most thrilling trek on this blog

Place:  Ramadevara Betta, Tumkur, Karnataka Distance: 70 km from Bangalore Type: Trekking Ideal for:  Adventure Trekkers Trek Difficulty: Medium Trek Lenght: 4 kilometers one side Trek Duration: 2.5 hours for ascending Bangalore weather was pleasant for the past week even though it was a summer season. I decided to plan for a small trek near Tumkur. Last time I had been to Mandaragiri Hills , I could see a gigantic hill next to us. After quite a research I found that it is named Ramadevara Betta. It looked like a small hill at first, so I thought we can easily scale it within an hour. I tried to get more information about the hill over the internet but unfortunately, there was no solid info on the internet. I found a couple of blogs which mentioned there are many ways to climb this hill but the easiest one would be from the backside of Siddaganga Matha and blogs suggested taking help from the locals to find the route. I was still unsure about the trip execution but all I kne

Narayanagiri Hill (Jalamangala) and Thimmappana Betta - Lesser known hills around Bangalore

After my Hampta Pass Trek , I said to myself " Dude you have spent a lot of money this year, no trips for the next 6 months ". It didn't take me much longer to break the promise I made to myself. My friend Bhimu called me to ask for a bike trip to Narayanagiri hills, it has been always on my ToDo list hence I couldn't say no. Best of the Beast: Iconic view of the twin hills at Thimmappa Betta There was literally no information about this trek on the internet (that's the reason I wanted to visit it and write a blog about it). I posted queries in the bikers WhatsApp group asking if anyone visited it. Surprisingly a lot of them had visited this place and the response was good. I watched's video which gave me a pretty good idea about what to expect.  Only me and Bhimu were on the confirmed list for this ride. Sunday morning:  I woke up at 6 am and got ready in half an hour. I picked up Bhimu from Kengeri bus stop at 7 am. Metro constructions