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Weekend Getaways from Chennai

“Madras Manathil is now the Singara Chennai!” The Tamil phrases interpret as Madras at heart is now the beautiful Chennai. Chennai needs no big introduction. People of Chennai are the city’s biggest asset. They are reliable, helpful and warm-hearted. Weekends in this city can be well spent by taking long drives to places around it. From Filter Coffee to Cappuccino, from temples to Bike and Barrels, theme parks inside the city to long drive destinations, the city has all of it. It was a weekend, and all of us were quite exhausted with our routine schedules. To take a break from the hectic period of time, we planned for a road trip to Pondicherry. We were a group of 8 people who wanted to spend the whole day exploring the roads that lead to Pondicherry and have fun there finally! So, here I will let you guys know a few places where we stopped by. The distance between Chennai to Pondicherry is 156 kilometers if you take the East Coast Road. 3 hours is enough for you to reach Pondicherry