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Avathi Betta - Unexplored Hill near Bangalore

Place: Avathi betta / Avathi Hills, Sri Lakshmi Timmaraya Swamy temple Distance: 44 km from Bangalore
Type: Temple and optional trek
Ideal for: Family and serenity seeker
Trek Difficulty:  Very easy
Trek Length: Less than 300 meters
Trek Duration: 15 minutes
Location on Google Maps:Avati, Karnataka

I was just back from my Kumaraparvata Trek which was an amazing trek. After taking a long rest for 15 days my feet were itching for a trip again. I saw GoPro Man's video about this unexplored place called Avathi. The climate was great so without a second thought I called off for a short bike ride.

Saturday Morning:We were on the Bangalore-Hyderabad highway early in the morning. As usual, there were a lot of bikes flying towards Nandi Hills. Even we were on the same route but our destination was different. The roads were fogged up and the climate was cool.

Breakfast time: We pulled over at Udupi Swada for breakfast. Idli vada and tea in a climate like this was a bliss. Since the distance to be co…