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Excursions in India that will fuel your wanderlust

Travel excites you, invokes the desire in you and once it is over, it leaves you into a meritorious world. To make the most out of the travel, the first step is the selection of the place that has the ability to fuel up your desire to explore more. We all love to travel, we travel alone, we travel with family and we wish to enjoy each and every moment we have during the holiday time. Here I present some of the amazing traveling destinations in the country that has the ability to hold your senses for long. Each moment you feel at these places will leave you to spellbound and you will never wish to leave the place. These are the Indian destinations to invoke the vigor and enthusiasm in your soul. Stay tuned and read on. 1. Chadar Trek  Chadar Trek is one of the most popular and one of the most adrenaline-filled treks in Ladakh. The most thrilling part of the trek is to cross the frozen Zanskar River. The trek is carried in the months of December and January when the climate is

Holiday Differently with Sterling Holidays, Wayanad - Day 2

This is the second part of my stay in Sterling Wayanad. If you have not read the previous post then I highly suggest you read it first and then come back to this post. Read my previous post: Holiday Differently with Sterling Holidays, Wayanad - Day 1 Raindrops pattering on my window pane and chirping birds to wake me up this morning. Walking straight to my balcony to captivate the view of the Muthunga forest drenched in the drizzling rain. I wish I sit there infinitely with a hot cup of coffee in the loop of nature. Best of the beast: Spotted this wild tusker just opposite to our resort Tusker spotting:  With the tribal village walk the last day, I was looking forward to what's next. I freshened up quick and walked with my camera. Soon I came to the reception, I have informed me that there was a tusker just outside the resort. With excitement, I managed to run to spot the tusker. It was the first time I spotted a tusker in the wild.  His name is Mani and is spotted oft

Holiday Differently with Sterling Holidays, Wayanad - Day 1

Place:  Sterling Holidays, Wayanad, Kerala. Distance:  262 km from Bangalore Type:  Leisure stay Ideal for:  Friends and Family When you get embraced from the God's own country you never say no. That's exactly what happened with me as well. I was very excited to experience the magic of lush green paddy fields, tall coconut trees, surrounding hills and a new perception towards travel and experience with Sterling Holidays . Best of the Beast: A View of Sterling Wayanad Monday morning: The journey started at 6.20 am from Bangalore. Mysur highway was as busy as it always used to be. Cutting through the highway traffic and enjoying the serene surroundings we reached Hotel MidWay highway restaurant for the breakfast at 8 am. Breakfast time. SJCam has become my travel partner Somewhere before entering Bandipur Tiger Reserve After breakfast, everyone fell asleep only to wake up near Bandipur Tiger Reserve.  While everyone's eye was eagerly looking at the