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5 Best Trekking places you should take your parents

If you are a trekking enthusiast and always wanted to make your parents experience what you love doing the most then why not take them on a trek? I have been to almost all the treks near Bangalore among which below are the easiest and best treks you can take your parents without any issue.

Note: The trek difficulty mentioned below is for a man or woman of the age 45-55. The trek difficulty may differ from person to person.

1. Shivagange:

Trek difficulty: moderate to difficult.
Food and water en route: Available
Religious significance: High
Crowd: High
Trek Length: 1.5 kilometers one way
Trek Duration: 2 hour one way

This place definitely deserves the top ranking because of its accessibility, trek route, adventure, religious significance and breathtaking view a top.

Brief about the place: Also known as Dakshina Kashi, Shivagange is located just 60 km from Bangalore. Atop the hill and on the trekking route there are numerous shrines of Shiva, Parvathi, and Ganga, including Gangadhareshwara templ…

Siddara Betta Trek - When divine meets the Adventure

Place: Siddara Betta, TumkurDistance: 100 km from Bangalore
Type: Trekking
Ideal for: Friends and Family
Trek Difficulty: Easy
Trek Length: 3 kilometers one way
Trek Duration: 1.5 hour one way

Trekking group at my office was stagnant since the last trek to Madhugiri. Siddara Betta was in my todo list and it was time to move it to the done list. I created a trekking event and 25 people turned up for the trek. We booked a minibus to accommodate such a big group and also got some snacks and refreshments for the trek.

Saturday morning: Naresh stays near the office so he took care of onboarding everyone in the morning. Smitha and I were waiting near the Nelamangala toll gate only to be picked up at 7 am. We were welcomed by a big shoutout. The music was playing loud and everyone was dancing. Even I joined them with my zero experience in dancing (Nagin dance came for the rescue :D). We pulled over at Vrindavan Bhavan just before Dabasbete for breakfast.

The dancing session continued with even more …

Bettamugilalam and Panchapalli Dam - A ride through the forest 13/05/2018

Place: Bettamugilalam, Aiyur forest and Panchapalli DamDistance: 200 km round trip
Type: Forest, Sightseeing
Ideal for:Friends
It's not about the destination but the road we take. This trip has proved the above quote right. After my Rayakottai trip, I fell in love with the countryside roads in TN. My eyes were eagerly searching for another such destination that's when I stumbled upon this place on TravelTwosome. After quiet research, I came to know there's a small village at the destination but the route is very good. I wanted to ride through the forest in this summer so Bettamugilalam was a perfect choice for me.

Sunday Morning: Bangalore climate was fluctuating from scorching sun in the afternoon to thunderstorm rain at evening. So we decided to start early and be back to home before 3 pm. The plan went well and we hit the road at 5.30 in the morning. Umesh joined from silk board junction. After a hot cup of tea, we started riding towards Denkanakottai. We took the electroni…