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Dandeli Day 2 - Syntheri Rocks and Dandeli Jungle Camp

Place: Syntheri Rocks and Dandeli Jungle Camp, DandeliDistance:  472 km from Bangalore
Type:  Bird Photography, Sightseeing, and Waterbody
Ideal for:  Friends and Family

The previous day was filled with adventure with Rafting in Kali River and spotting many species of birds in Old Magazine House. If you haven't read my previous day post then I highly recommend you to read it first before reading this post. Let's get started...

Sunday Morning: I woke up to the chirping of birds at 6.30 am and got ready for the nature walk by 7. I spent 10 minutes searching for the naturalist who would take us for the nature walk. After inquiry, I got to know the group had already left hence another staff member named Joma agreed to take us for the walk. Nature's walk is a 2 km walk (one way) till Ganesha Temple and is mainly intended for bird photography in the open area. Joma mentioned that he has been working with OMH for the past 15 years and he was involved when the bird feeders were instal…

Dandeli Day 1 - Old Magazine House and Rafting in Kali River

Place:Old Magazine House and Kali River, DandeliDistance:  472 km from Bangalore
Type:  Bird Watching, Photography, and Watersports
Ideal for:  Friends and Family

With its dense forest, enchanting river, fascinating resorts, thrilling rafting, chirping birds and wildlife, Dandeli is a one-stop destination for all the Adventure seekers and wildlife lovers. Dandeli is an emerging hotspot for it's for the long list of experiences like Jungle Safari, Rafting, Kayaking, Watersports, bird watching that are curated and housed in this region.

A photographer’s paradise and an adventurer’s abode, Dandeli deserves all the attention that it has been getting in the past many years. Yet another great reason for the recent popularity of Dandeli is the ease of access that this town has and connectivity with major towns. Getting to Dandeli from Bangalore, Pune, and Goa is almost a cake walk, resulting in the kind of influx of people who seek the same adventures.

Planning:I got my travel planned by dand…