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Kumara Parvatha - The Dream Trek 9/12/2017

Place:Kumara Parvatha, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats of KarnatakaDistance: 250 km from Bangalore
Type: Trekking
Ideal for:Experienced Trekkers
Trek Difficulty:Difficult
Trek Lenght:26 kilometres round trek
Trek Duration: 8 hours - 10 hours for one way

You are not called a true trek enthusiast unless you have conquered the mighty Kumara parvatha peak. Being the most difficult trek in Karnataka, Kumara parvatha attracts thousands of trekkers every year. Smitha was planning for Kumara parvatha (KP) trek with her colleagues so she asked if I was interested. Without a second thought, I agreed to join the trek as I would be busy for next two months. Fortunately, her friend Rohit was taking care of the planning hence I had nothing much to worry about.

The Airavat bus tickets were booked from Bangalore to Kukke, tents and sleeping bags were rented and taken care of. Karthik who had already completed this trek for 5 times was joining us - a plus point for us. There are two routes to tr…