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Lepakshi and Avalabetta - A slice of History 28/08/2016

Place: Lepakshi Temple and Avalabetta HilltopDistance: 300 km round trip
Type: Hilltop, Temple
Ideal for: Friends and family
Bikes: BikeAvenger, Gixxer, Pulsar
Crew:Vinay, Chandu, Pradeep, Jayraj, Bhimu, and me

New bike and a new DSLR, do I need any better reason to go on a ride? After patiently waiting for 110 days and 3500 km, the second service of my bike was done, it was ready to be pushed farther and harder. Lepakshi was the closest place that I had not explored so far (130 km to be precise). As usual, I invited friends for the ride, 6 of them turned up. Bhimu insisted on visiting the Avalabetta, none of the co-riders had visited it, even I had missed a photo on the edge so decided to take a detour at Paresandra and have a quick visit to Avalabetta.

Sunday Morning: After hardly 4 hours of sleep I woke up at 4 am and got ready. Put on my riding gear and hit the road sharp at 4.30. We all assembled at Vijaynagar while Bhimu joined us at Hebbal at 5.30. 
The Ride: We proceeded on Bangalore…

Basava Sagara (Narayanpur) Dam - 14/08/2016

Place: Basava Sagara Dam a.k.a Narayanpura dam, templeDistance: 110 round trip (from Ilkal)
Type: Sightseeing, waterbody
Ideal for: Friends and family
Transportation: Bike
Crew: Me and Vijay

Off on a long vacation to my native (Ilkal) to screen away from work schedule. A perfect time to get fresh air and explore some places nearby. Basically, North Karnataka is little dry land area due to less rainfall. However, It was an exception this time as we had a good amount of rain due to cyclones.

My friend Vijay had noted "Basava Sagar Dam" also known as Narayanpura dam which had a good water inflow this year. I had heard about it in my school days but never got a chance to visit it. What makes it special from rest of the reservoirs across Karnataka is that we are allowed to go near the dam gates. We called for a short ride, Vijay and I decided to explore this place.

Sunday Morning: Trips call on for an early day. I hardly get up before 9 am when I am home, but I had to get up at 6 am th…