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Shanmukha Temple and Omkar Hills - Tranquil Bi[ke]Cycle Ride 29/11/2015

Place:   Shanmukha Temple and Omkar Hills, Bangalore Distance:  30 km round trip Route:  Vijaynagar -> BU -> RR Nagar -> Shanmukha Temple -> Kaapi Katte -> Omkar Hills -> BU -> Vijaynagar Bikes:  Bajaj Discover, Honda Activa and Montra BiCycle Crew:    Vinay , Vinooth kulkarni and  Sagar (Myself) Type:  Temple Ideal for:  Friends & Family Budget:  50/Head Best of the Beast: Gopuram decorated with LED lights Shanmukha Temple: The Shrungagiri Shanmukha Temple is the first of its kind with an excellent architecture of the temple tower with Six Faces of Lord Shanmukha (Shan means Six, Muka means Faces) built on a hillock at Rajarajeshwari nagar. Around 2500 crystals are installed on the Gopuram which are illuminated by LED lights at evening. Watching this temple at evening is a treat to the eyes. The temple structure is divided into three stages Panchamukhi Vinayaka (5 faced Ganesha) at the very entrance of t

Coming Soon: Cable-Car at Nandi Hills

View from Nandi Hills Hello friends, here's some good news for all travel addicts who love Nandi Hills. No doubt most of you would have already visited Nandi, may be its your unforgettable bike ride with your friends or a calm picnic with your family. Nandi hills is a hot destination for travelers as it has good road connectivity, good weather, beautiful view, serene nature and well maintained by forest department. Now there is one more reason to visit Nandi Hills - Yes its soon getting rope way to carry tourists from base of the Hill to the peak. According to a news report by Bangalore Mirror there is an on going plan about constructing a cable car which will carry tourists from base to the peak at low price. The objective of this project is to drastically cut down vehicular traffic on the road winding up to the Nandi Hills. One could park their vehicle at the base, take the cable car to reach peak. Chikballapur tourism council has initiated feasibility studies in December

Cycling to Turahalli Forest - Burning that extra fat 22/11/2015

Place:   Turahalli forest, Bangalore. Distance:   35 km round trip Route:  Vijaynagar -> Banashankari (Meetup point) -> Kanakpur road -> Turahalli Forest -> Vijaynagar Crew:     7 BTC Members Type:  Sight Seeing Ideal for:   Friends Budget:   50/Head Best of the Beast: Turahalli forest Unlike my usual trips, this one is a different of its kind as I will be cycling all the way with Bangalore Trekking Club (referred as BTC here onwards). If you are hearing about the BTC for the first time then you better check this first . Every week I used to see new events post by BTC but never dared to register, I was always scared of meeting unknown faces and adjusting with them. But all my worries were resolved the moment I met them. Registered for the Cycling to Turahalli Forest, though I had visited this place three times before I wanted to explore it on cycle once. No doubt its the best destination to start your cycling journey. Brief about the pl