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Bandaje Arbi Falls - Sweat, Blood and the Glory 17 & 18/10/2015

Places:   Bandaje Arabi Falls and Ballarayanadurga Fort, near Dharmastal, Karnataka Distance:   600 km round trip Route:   Bangalore-> Dharmastala -> Ujire -> Gowdra mane -> Bandaje Falls Trail -> Ballarayanadurga Fort -> Sunkasale -> Mudigeri -> Bangalore Transportation:   Public Transport Crew:    Seena ,  Mansoor , Ravindra, Anand AT and  Sagar (Myself) Type:  Trekking, Water Falls Ideal for:  Friends Budget:  2400/head Trek  length :  24 km total Difficulty:   Tough Best time to visit:   November to March Best of the Beast: Sun rise at Bandaje Falls Western ghats has always fascinated me with its mesmerizing  panoramic  views and hidden beauties which needs a hard core trek to reach, rarely known Bandaje Falls is one of such places. The water stream falls from 200 ft height and needs around 6 hours of trekking to reach. I didn't knew about it until Seena pinged me on a fine day, as usual I wa