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Ooty - The Queen of Hill Stations 12 & 13/09/2015

Places:   Ooty (Udagamandalam), Tamilnadu Distance:  800 km round trip Route:  Bangalore-> Mysore -> Masinagudi -> Bandipura National park-> Ooty Transportation:   Toyota Innova Crew:    Vinay ,  Santosh , Harshita, Aruna, Shilpa and  Sagar (Myself) Type:   Sight Seeing Ideal for:   Family and Couples :P Budget:   4,300/head Best time to visit:   All year round but the peak season is in Summer Best of the Beast: The smoking hills at Lamb's Rock Nothing can beat a trip with your adorable amazing friends who are stupid than you in all respect.  Deciding destination could be harder in such case. Phoebe said "No Waterfalls, No Trekking, No Adventure". Finally settled at this place which met all of the above conditions but still didn't fail to amaze us - Udagamandalam popularly known as Ooty. When girls are accompanying it could difficult to find decent stay, but its untrue in case of Ooty. There are plenty