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Makalidurga Betta - Conquering another mighty peak 28/06/2015

Place:Makalidurga Hills, Doddaballapur, Karnataka Distance: 64 * 2 = 128 km
Route: Jaynagar -> Hebbal -> Yalahanka -> Makalidurga Hills
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 125 and Bajaj Discover 135 Crew:  Sachin Rathod, Satish Kumar K, and Sagar Sakre(Myself) Type: Trekking Ideal for: Friends Budget: 150/Head

Brief about the place: Standing as tall as 3664 ft high Makalidurga is one of the best spot for trekkers.There is a small fort on the peak protecting small temple dedicated to goddess Makalidurga.Difficulty level is easy to moderate with trail marked by paint en routeDay before the trek: We were only 4 confirmed list, I went to Satish room located at Jaynagar on so all of us can start together. After dinner we were ready to go to sleep as we wanted to start early to avoid intense sun while trekking. Suddenly Gouda slipped out of the plan. Disappointed we dropped the plan and we watched movie till 1 in the night. That's when Sachin said what if one guy is not coming we three will go at any…

Kolli Hills - Bikers Paradise 13 & 14/06/2015

Place:Kolli Hills, Namakkal Tamilnadu Distance: 700 km round trip
Route: Vijaynagar -> Hosuru -> Krishnagiri -> Salem -> Rasipuram -> Karavalli -> Semmudu - Kolli Hills Forest
Bikes: Yamaha R15, RE ThunderBird, TVS Apache, and Honda Unicorn Crew:  Seena, Shaman, Srikant, Krishna, and Sagar (Myself) Type: Water Falls, Sight Seeing  Ideal for: Friends & Family Budget: 1500/Head

Brief about the place: The mountains ranges from to3500ft to 4500ft with the tallest peak Vettakaramalai, rising to 4663ft above sea level and covers area of 280 km². The Kolli Hills has 70  hair pin bends and hundreds of turns and twists to reach the top of the hills. Hills has two view points, a major waterfalls, 3 other small falls. A shiva temple and many other attractions.Attraction at Kolli Hills:
AkaashagangaWaterfalls:The main attraction of Kolli Hills. Akasa Gangai is an enchanting 300 feet waterfall of river Aiyaru, located near Arappaleeshwarar temple it is the main attraction of Kolli Hill…