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Antharagange - Exploring the Caves 19/04/2015

Places:Antharagange, Keelu Kote, Kolar, KarnatakaDistance: 75 * 2 = 150 kms
Route: Vijaynagar -> Kolar -> Anthargange -> Kolar -> Vijaynagar
Crew:  Abdul, Arun, Kalpesh, Linga and Sagar (Myself) Type: Trekk (optional) & Sight Seeing, Temple. Ideal for: Friends & Family Bikes: Bajaj Discover and Honda Trigger

Brief about the place: Known as Dakshina Kashi  is a series of rocky hills situated in the Shathashrunga mountain range. There is a temple named Kashivishweshwara Temple in front of the pond dedicated to Lord ShivaThe pond gets continuous water stream from Nandi throughout the year. The origin of the water is unknown but believed that the water is falling from head of Lord Shiva.Visitors carry this holy water in bottles because it is also believed that one can get rid of the diseases by drinking this holy water of Antaragange.There are seven villages on this mountain  
Sunday morning:We hit the road as early as 4.30 am to avoid intense Sun while trekking…

Bilikal Rangaswami betta and Mekedatu - Dar ke age jeet hai 12/04/2015

Places: Bilikal Rangaswami betta, Chunchi Falls, Sangama, MekedatuDistance: 250 kms overall
Route: Vijaynagar -> Kanakpur -> Rangaswami Betta -> Kanakpur -> Chunchi Falls -> Sangam -> Mekedatu -> Kanakpur -> Vijaynagar
Crew: AbdulArun, Kalpesh and Sagar (Myself) Type: Trekking (optional) & Sight Seeing, Waterbody. Ideal for: Friends & Family Bikes: Bajaj Discover and Honda Trigger

Abdul was exited to go on a ride as he got his new Nikon P600 Camera last weekend. I had Rangaswami Betta in my wishlist it was time to move it to donelist. Initial planning was just to visit Rangaswami Betta but it got stretched and we visited Chunchi falls, Sangama and Mekedatu.

Sunday Morning: We hit the road at 6 am sharp, headed towards Kanakpur.  After Kanakpur there is left diversion to Rangaswami Betta, while the google maps helped a lot the localites were friendly to show the directions.

The Leopard story: Since there was nothing available on the hill we stop…