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Rasta Cafe - A Crazy Night Out 25/02/2015

Place:  Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road, Bangalore. Distance:   50 x 2 = 100 km  Route:   Bangalore -> Ramnagar -> Rasta Cafe -> Cafe Coffee Day Type:  Hotel Ideal for:  Night out with friends Bikes: Honda Ignitor Discover 125 Crew:    Siva, Vinay, and Sagar Budget:   Depends on how much you eat, the place is really expensive It was Siva's Birthday, Vinay and I had planned a surprise party at his room. It was the first time in 27 years Siva was celebrating his birthday with friends so he became over excited and said: "Hey let's go for a night out , my treat". How can we deny such offer :P It was 12.30 pm I knew Rasta would be the best place for Night out  except its far. Rasta was on my bucket list since my engineering time, all I was waiting for was a perfect moment!! Its time for free food I shouted - "Let's go to Rasta Cafe, Mysore Road!!" Siva and Vinay with their lack of capacity to interpret what I say nodded and said "Yes!!&q

Mysore - Legendary Road Trip 14 & 15/02/2015

Places:  Melkote, Shravanabelagola, Thonnur Lake, Mysore, Ranganathittu. Distance:   500 kms overall Route:   Bangalore -> Mandya -> Melkote -> Shravanabelagola  -> Thonnur Kere -> Brindavan Garden -> Mysore City -> Chamundi Hills -> Mysore Palace -> St. Philomena's Church -> Ranganathittu -> Mandya -> Bangalore Type:  Temple, Lake, Sight Seeing Ideal for:  Friends & Family Bikes:  Apache 160r, Pulsar 135, Discover 150 Crew:   Siva, Vinay, Santosh, Sukesh, Sachin and sagar Budget:   1500 Rs/Head Best of the beast Brief about the places: 1. Melkote:     Melukote is the location of the  Cheluvanarayana Swamy Temple , with a collection of crowns and jewels which are brought to the temple for the annual celebration. On the top of the hill is the temple of Yoganarasimha.  2.   Shravanabelagola:   The statue of Gommateshvara  Bahubali  is one of the most important  pilgrimage destinations  in  Jainism , one that reache