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Tadiandamol Hills - The Ultimate Trek 24 & 25/01/2015

Places:  Tadiandamol Hills, Kodagu, Karnataka. Chelavara Falls, Kodagu, Karnataka. and Iruppu Falls, Kurchi, Karnataka  Distance:   700 kms overall Route:   Bangalore -> Hunsuru -> Gonikoppa -> Virajpet/Virarajendrapet  -> Tadiandamol Hills -> Chelavara Falls -> Virajpet -> Gonikoppa -> Iruppu Falls -> Nagarhole National Park -> Hunsur -> Bangalore Type:   Trekking, Water Falls Ideal for:   Friends & Family Transportation:  Tempo Traveller Crew:   Seena , Mansoor , Mohan , Shashank , Naresh , Nandan , Triguna and me Budget:   2000 Rs/Head Best of the beast Brief about the places: 1. Tadiandamol hills:  H ighest  mountain  of  Kodagu  district,  Karnataka ,  India . It is the third highest peak in  Karnataka . It is located  Western Ghats  range, and reaches an elevation of 1,748 m. It is a place of interest for  trekkers  and  naturalists . The mountain has patches of  shola   forests  in the valleys. 2.   Chela