September 2014 | Bike Rides Bangalore

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Muthathi - Ride through the forest 14/09/2014

Place: Muthathi, Kaveri river bank, Mavalli and Art of Living Bangalore

Distance: 115 x 2 = 230 kms

Route: HAL -> Banashankari -> Kanakpur -> Halaguru -> Mutatti
Crew: Vinay, Siva, Suresh, Sagar
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Hero Ignitor
Budget: 300/Head

12.09.2014 my last day at LG. We had decided to go for one last bike ride, no more places left out to explore so ended up with my last option Bhimeshwari & Mutatti. Had a bad experience in the past when I met with a minor accident on Mekedatu road.

Brief about the place: Muthathi (or Muttatti) is a settlement situated on the banks of the Kaveri river near Malavalli in the Indian state of Karnataka. It is surrounded by a dense forest which is the home of the Kaveri Wildlife Sanctuary. The location was blessed with Sita and Anjaneya, and there is a small temple dedicated to Anjaneya near the town.

Saturday morning: After chilling out party till 1 am Friday night I was in doubt if we will make this trip possible. Surprisingly everyone woke up, got fresh up and left by 5.45 am. Decided to take Kanakpura route.

The Long Ride: It was a long stretch, rode at a medium pace, and reached Halaguru, Suresh's native at 8 am. Had delicious - Ghee Dosa and Idli. After finishing we headed towards our destination - Mutatti.

The wrong turn we took last time

Wooden Idli Cups

Ride through the forest: 15 km to Mutatti you enter the forest area. The ride turned into a peaceful, calm, silence zone, realized how much noise my bike does.  The road passes through the thick green forest. Spotted group of golden Deers.  An army of monkeys was blocking the road at Bhimeshwari Nature and Fishing Camp. Need to book resort to enter the camp. We continued our ride. The road is zigzag in some places. It is thrilling to see the river at one side and forest on the other.

Entrance to Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhimeshwari Nature and Fishing Camp
Kaveri River: Mutatti is a small village, as soon as you enter there is a temple at left and river on the right, There are many people die in the river every year so we were extra conscious not to go deep inside water. Spent couple of good time inside water. Had blessings from Lord Hanuman.

Rafting group from Bhimeshwari (1200/head)

Came back Halaguru at 2 pm. Suresh had asked his aunt to prepare lunch for us. We filled our stomach with Natikoli meal and Ragimudde. Were too tired so took a power nap of 30 minutes and left the place at 4.30 pm. 

Saw the Art of Living Ashram at left, decided to visit.

Art of Living: Ashram timing is till 7 pm. The place is blended with Indian heritage with peace of sanctify and every one seems in the state of serenity. Entered main building meditated for 10 minutes which kept us elevated, took some snaps and left. It had darkened by now the place was illuminated with LED lights so beautiful it was that it’s not possible to describe in words.

Inside Dhyana Mandir 

Dhyana Mandir Decorated by LED lightnings

Dhyana Mandir Decorated by LED lightnings
Trying some photography tricks

Reception Hall at Entrance

Reached home by 8 pm.

Back to home

Caution: The roads are curved at many places, accident are very common so ride safe, wear helmet ride safe. 

Monday, September 1, 2014

Nandi Hills - Experiencing the Heaven Again 31/08/2014

Place: Nandi Hills, Chikkaballapur district

Distance: 70 kms * 2 =140 kms

Route: Vijaynagar -> Hebbal -> Devanahalli -> Nandi hills
Crew: Chandu, Pradeep, Manju, Pradeep, Arun and myself.
Bikes: Bajaj Pulsar 150, Honda Unicorn and Honda Activa
Budget: 250/head

Chandu came to Bangalore for a long weekend. It has become a ritual to visit Nandi hills whenever someone comes from my native. Check my previous post - Nandi Hills - Heaven On Earth 21/06/2014 where I visited Nandi hills with my other friend. The beauty of Nandi was as good as in my previous visit so I am restricting description as short as possible.

Brief about the place: Popularly known as Nandi Betta or Nandi Durga for the locals and the people of Karnataka. This hillock is situated about 60 km from Bangalore City. Nandi Hills gets its name from the famous Nandi temple situated atop the summit. The Nandi hill is about 4851 ft. above sea level. Because of its proximity to the Bangalore International Airport and the NH -7 Highway, this location with its rich greenery and natures paradise has become one of the hot spots for tourists, trekkers, and campers alike.  It gets extremely crowded on weekends.

Saturday morning: Woke up at 4 O'Clk and hit the road at 4.30 am. All assembled at Hebbal Flyover. After a formal greeting, we headed towards our destination. Rode at a good pace in trembling cold.

Nandi Hills: I had experience from my previous visit that when Nandi is covered in mist we cant get chance to witness sunrise so we didn't do much hurry. Had a memorable experience in misty clouds. Took many photos. The clouds cleared at around 8 am. We had our breakfast at our usual Sri Hari Hotel at the bottom.

Nerdiness at its best

Sunrise viewpoint

The mist covering the hills

First glimps of sun at 7.50 am

 Danger point

Thigh Five! Pro kabaddi fever

Riding back

Time to departure

Reached home back at 12 pm.