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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Nandi Hills - Heaven On Earth 21/06/2014

Place: Nandi Hills, Chikkaballapur district

Distance: 70 kms * 2 =140 kms
Route: Vijaynagar -> Hebbal -> Devanahalli -> Nandi hills
Crew: Siva, Vinay, Basu and myself.
Type: Sight Seeing
Ideal for: Friends & Family
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Honda Ignitor

For a long time, I was thinking to pen down my bike ride experience. This is not my first ride but the first post of my ride :P. Siva, Vinay and I had decided to go somewhere for a ride, My native friend(Basu) had come to Bangalore for the weekend so decided to go to the Nandi hills.

Saturday morning: Kickstarted the ride at 3.50 am sharp from Vijaynagar. Even Siva and Vinay started from HAL almost at the same time. We assembled at Hebbal Flyover, headed towards our destination( Time: 4.15 am ). The ride in trembling cold weather was awesome, hands were freezing, the body was shivering. After around 45 km from Hebbal, there is a left turn to Nandi hills. 22kms more witness sunrise at Nandi hills. We reached the base of the hill at 5.50 am. The gate to heaven opened at 6.00 am. We started the uphill ride, sandwiched between a series of cars and bikes. As we were nearing the peak the mist was getting thicker and thicker. After a quiet time, we were inside clouds, I could feel the mist getting condensed on my skin and clothes.

We reached the top of the hills and believe me I had been to Nandi hills 3 times before but still, Nandi surprised me with its beauty covered in the clouds. Never imagined Nandi hills could be offering this breathtaking weather to the enthusiastic riders and its fans.

The Top of the hill. Near Ticket counter

Took ticket (Rs.10 per head + Rs.20 per bike for) without wasting more time I wanted to reach the viewpoint as soon as possible. We have to walk/trek/run little following stairs. Finally, we were at the viewpoint. But Life doesn't always offer what you expect. The thick mist covered the sun., we couldn’t witness the Sunrise :( Awesome weather neutralized the disappointment.  Took many snaps over there.

The sunrise viewpoint
Sun hiding behind the clouds

There are a lot of improvements we can find at the top. They have built some bamboo houses where you can pose and take some snaps :D The thick fog you can find in below pics.

Foggy weather

Time for a group photo
Clouds cleared. @ 8.30 am
Spent around 2 hours at the top, At around 8.30 the clouds cleared.

Refreshed some childhood memories

Spotted 5 sports bikes there, 2 Ducati, 1 Duke, 1 R15 and other 1 couldn't recognize.

Started downhills. Had a nice breakfast at Sri Hari Hotel at the base. Time 11 am. 

Started towards Bhogha Nandishwara temple at Muddenahalli. There was shooting going on film name:  Rudrathandava, Hero: Chiranjeevi Sarja and Heroine: Radhika Kumaraswamy.  

Movie shooting going on

A photo with Chiranjeevi Sarja
Headed back to Bangalore and by 1 pm reached the Hebbal flyover. We departed from there and I was back by 2pm.
Time to depart @ 1 pm
Important Tips:
1. Leave as early as possible. You don't want to miss the sunrise so better to be there before 6 am. If leaving from Bangalore then 4 am is the best time you should kick start your bike.

2. Sunday it will be a lot of rush. 100's of people will come, so if the given option, choose Saturday as you won't have to wait in the long queue at the entrance ticket counter and you would get enough empty places to take pics.

3. If you want to see sports bikes or Harley then go for Sunday as so many big shot bikers will be spotted on Sunday.

4. Though Nandi hills is all time tourism spot it would be best if you could visit in rainy season as you might be lucky to be in clouds as in our case :)

5. While going Ride @ 100kmph no problem but while coming back try to be below 60kmph as there will be police standing with speed tracking devices.


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Omkar hills & Turahalli forest: A perfect morning 08/06/2014

Place: Omkar hills and Turahalli forest, Bangalore

Distance : 20kms x 2 = 40 Km
Route: Vijaynagar -> Omkar Hills -> Turahalli Forest
Crew: Sachin, Kaveri, Kanchan and Sagar (myself)
Type: Sight Seeing
Ideal for: Omkar Hills - Friends & Family, Turahalli forest - Friends
Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Scooty Pep
Budget: 100rs/head

Beep beep!!


Kanchana: Kaveri going to hometown this Sunday, let's go somewhere.

Me: Kaveri going? (what a good news). Ok I'll check a place to hangout.

So it's Kaveri's farewell time, hang out for a day, I'm not really big fan of malls as its boring, noisy, traffic, no adventure, not pocket-friendly.  So some nice place to hang out within the city. Googled it!  Found this place on a blog, after seeing the photos I was wondering if this place is inside the city just 20 Kms from Vijayanagar! Wow! So near, girls can bring Scooty and Sachin and me on the bike! seemed perfect. Plan fixed Omkar hills n Turahalli forest.

Saturday morning: Left Vijayanagar at 5.30 am.  Had a hot cup of tea at Bangalore University,  I love Bangalore University its so calm, green, trees, people jogging, walking, playing its like you are out of busy traffic life of Bangalore. Coming back to trip, soon after tea we left. I navigated to Omkar hills and we reached Omkar hills temple at 6.20 am

Omkar Hills: The place was empty except some temple pujaris. Sun has been already up so couldn't witness the sunrise :( The View from the temple is really good!!  Temple is well built, beautiful, good architecture. There are 7 Jyotirlinga inside the temple. At the backyard of the temple, there is a big Ben clock made by HMT. Each hand weighs 40kg. The temple view from the back is more beautiful than from the front. Omkar hills look amazing with its white paint and lovely ambiance.

Omkar Hills

The backside view of the Omkar hills

After spending some time at omkar hills we left the place. Had breakfast at a hotel beside RNSIT college gate. I put for navigation to the Turahalli forest. 5kms.

Turahalli Forest: We reached the Turahalli forest in 15 mins. There were already three cyclists. Great place for cycling as well. I stepped on to a big rock, the highest point of the hill. Wow!!!! The cold breeze, the calmness, breathtaking view made my day.

One! Two! Three! Jump !!!! :P
View from the top

We all sat there hearing the voice of nature - the wind, birds, peacock.  Yes, peacocks!! Its the reserved peacock forest, many photographers come here to capture the beautiful peacocks in their camera.  After patiently waiting for some time we spotted a peacock down the forest! It feels nice to see them free in the forest than in a cage. I went down to see it closer but by that time it ran away
Me pointing at the peacock spotted

Well I climbed down to chase the peacock
After spending calm 1 hour at the peak we headed back. By 10 am we were back to Vijayanagar.

Conclusion: I won't say this is the best place, the best view I ever had but considering the distance of the place from the heart of the city it is worth visiting.