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Nandi Hills - Heaven On Earth 21/06/2014

Place:  Nandi Hills, Chikkaballapur district Distance: 70 kms * 2 =140 kms Route: Vijaynagar -> Hebbal -> Devanahalli -> Nandi hills Crew: Siva, Vinay, Basu and myself. Type:   Sight Seeing Ideal for:  Friends & Family Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Honda Ignitor For a long time, I was thinking to pen down my bike ride experience. This is not my first ride but the first post of my ride :P. Siva, Vinay and I had decided to go somewhere for a ride, My native friend(Basu) had come to Bangalore for the weekend so decided to go to the Nandi hills. Saturday morning:  Kickstarted the ride at 3.50 am sharp from Vijaynagar. Even Siva and Vinay started from HAL almost at the same time. We assembled at Hebbal Flyover, headed towards our destination( Time: 4.15 am ). The ride in trembling cold weather was awesome, hands were freezing, the body was shivering. After around 45 km from Hebbal, there is a left turn to Nandi hills. 22kms more witness sunrise at Na

Omkar hills & Turahalli forest: A perfect morning 08/06/2014

Place:  Omkar hills and Turahalli forest, Bangalore Distance : 20kms x 2 = 40 Km Route:  Vijaynagar -> Omkar Hills -> Turahalli Forest Crew: Sachin, Kaveri, Kanchan and Sagar (myself) Type:  Sight Seeing Ideal for:  Omkar Hills - Friends & Family, Turahalli forest - Friends Bikes: Bajaj Discover 150, Scooty Pep Budget: 100rs/head Beep beep!! Whatsapp Kanchana: Kaveri going to hometown this Sunday, let's go somewhere. Me: Kaveri going? (what a good news). Ok I'll check a place to hangout. So it's Kaveri's farewell time, hang out for a day, I'm not really big fan of malls as its boring, noisy, traffic, no adventure, not pocket-friendly.  So some nice place to hang out within the city. Googled it!  Found this place on a blog, after seeing the photos I was wondering if this place is inside the city just 20 Kms from Vijayanagar! Wow! So near, girls can bring Scooty and Sachin and me on the bike! seemed perfect. Plan fixed