The quickest escape from Bangalore - Omkar Hills

Place:Omkar Hills, Bangalore.Distance:20 x 2 = 40 kmType: TempleIdeal for:Friends & Family

Omkar hills - As the name itself contains the spiritual incantation "OM", so is the place - an abode of spirituality and peace. The main attraction of the hills is the Dwadasha jyotirlinga temple. The other areas of interests are Sarva dharma Samanvaya, Matsya Narayana temple, huge HMT Clock tower and Dhyana Mandira. The view from the hills is fantastic and also this is one of the highest points of the city i.e.2800ft above sea level. The place is suggested to be visited early morning for cooler breeze and peaceful atmosphere. The place is lesser-known for a weekend hangout and appeared less crowded. Dwadasha Jyotirlinga temple The temple architecture had the touch of the Orissan temples - Kalinga architecture. The design of the Vimanagopura - pure white temple tower and golden trident disc on the top, gave me the feel of a unique architecture. This is only one of its kind to look…

Sangama and Mekedatu, Kanakpura - The Goats Leap

Place: Mekedatu and Sangam, KanakpuraDistance:100 km one way
Type:River Bank
Ideal for: Friends and Family
Permission Needed: No
Best time to visit:August to February
Best season to visit: Monsoon and early winter. Avoid summer
Sangam and Mekedatu are some of the most visited places around Bangalore. Sangama is the confluence of two rivers – Arkavathi and Kaveri. Just 4 km from Sangama is Mekedatu, one of the most beautiful gorges in Karnataka. As there is very little information about how to reach Mekedatu and what do expect in Sangama, I will try to explain it in depth. If you got any further questions feel free to comment down below or ping me on my social media.
Note: This post is the second part of my journey to Chunchi falls and Sangam. If you haven't read the first post of the visit to Chunchi falls then I highly recommend you read that first and then come back to this post.

Nightmare turning into reality: After relishing the beauty of Chunchi falls we headed to Sangama. You can se…

Chunchi Falls, Kanakpura - Beautiful waterfalls near Bangalore

Place: Chunchi Falls, KanakpuraDistance:  90 km one way Type: Waterfalls Ideal for: Friends and Family Permission Needed: No Best time to visit:August to February Best season to visit: Monsoon and early winter. Avoid summer

My friend Satish had got a new Royal Enfield Bullet a couple of months back. After getting his new bike his first and the only ride was to Swami Nityananda Ashram in Bidadi. Now that he had all the blessings from great Nityananda Swami :P, I wanted him to join me for a short ride. I would usually prefer a trekking place around Bangalore but I was very lazy climb this time. So we decided to visit Mekedatu and Sangam instead. I pinged a couple of my friends to see if they want to join the ride. Finally, 7 people turned up for the ride.

Sunday Morning: We decided to assemble near the Nice Road junction on Kanakpur road at 7 am. Being a typical Indian, I followed standard Indian time and reached the assembly point at 8.30 am :D . My sincere friends were waiting for me patient…

Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu) - The tiniest waterfall around Bangalore

Place: Pearl Valley (Muthyala Maduvu) Waterfalls and DamDistance:  90 km round trip
Type: Waterfalls, forest
Ideal for: Friends and Family
Permission Needed: No

The first time I had been to pearl valley was back in 2016 when I got my brand new Bajaj Avenger, it was the first-ever ride on that bike. Its 2019 now three years passed by still my madness to visit places hasn't reduced. Pearl Valley (Muthayala Maduvu) is one of the lesser-known places around Bangalore which is both hyped and underestimated at the same time. As I was already there before I knew what to expect as most of the visitors get disappointed after seeing Google images vs real images. But the motto of my visit wasn't the destination but the journey in itself. I was overwhelmed to see how much the place was improved. Read on to know more about it.

It all started with my zeal to learn car driving. I do love bike rides, crazy rides in the wind and rain but there have been situations when I felt the car would have been…

Ramadevara Betta Tumkur - The most thrilling trek on this blog

Place: Ramadevara Betta, Tumkur, KarnatakaDistance: 70 km from Bangalore
Type: Trekking
Ideal for: Adventure Trekkers
Trek Difficulty: Medium
Trek Lenght: 4 kilometers one side
Trek Duration: 2.5 hours for ascending

Bangalore weather was pleasant for the past week even though it was a summer season. I decided to plan for a small trek near Tumkur. Last time I had been to Mandaragiri Hills, I could see a gigantic hill next to us. After quite a research I found that it is named Ramadevara Betta. It looked like a small hill at first, so I thought we can easily scale it within an hour. I tried to get more information about the hill over the internet but unfortunately, there was no solid info on the internet. I found a couple of blogs which mentioned there are many ways to climb this hill but the easiest one would be from the backside of Siddaganga Matha and blogs suggested taking help from the locals to find the route. I was still unsure about the trip execution but all I knew was "I had to…